Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Where to find amazing vegan recipes?

I'll share with you my favorite blog and Youtube channel with delicious and simple vegan recipes. I go to them for inspiration a lot and I'm never disappointed.

But first let me show you my post lunch snack. I've made hummus today using this recipe. It's super easy and low fat.

Organic baguette rolls from Tapa, my favorite bakery in Glasgow. Freshly made hummus, smoked chipotle salsa from Whole Foods and fresh organic salad from Locavore. It was delish, really worth a blog post ;)

Ok, here are my go to vegan recipes sources.

Minimalist baker
I could scroll her blog all day long

And Vegan Corner on Youtube
The videos are 2-4 minutes long but thanks to great instruction you know exactly what to do. And they're fanny too.

Bon appetit!

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