Monday, 9 February 2015

Felt Foxes

Foxes are amazing and beautiful animals. Recently I had the pleasure to meet Fred the Fox in Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue. I've never been so close to a fox in my life and Fred is such a friendly lil fellow. Shame, I didn't take a photo of him, I'll do it next time I'm there.

So inspired by Fred I've made two felt foxes. One is wearing a floral bow, another chunky knitted scarf. They're both like to stay classy in the woods :)

Friday, 6 February 2015

How to knit Herringbone stitch

So I decided to learn Herringbone stitch.
It's a beautiful stitch and so nice to touch, it's dense, squishy and warm. It is a bit fiddly initially, but  easy to learn and I really enjoyed it!

How to knit Herringbone stitch
Here are a few good tutorials that helped me to learn this stitch:


Here are fantastic examples of what you can create using this stitch
Herringbone cowl from The Purl Bee

Another cowl but made on straight needles from Rivelo
The Herringbone // Thick Knit Chevron Pattern Cowl Warm Winter Neckwarmer // Stone // Made to Order

And here is my attempt at this stitch


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